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joanie15   in reply to goodnewsforyou
Read the bible my boy...Jesus died on the cross that we may be strings or conditions my friend...and I am not always in need of help my friend, and am not looking to be at the top of anyone's priority list for cash donations ...and I try daily to walk in the Lord's path and I do fall short many times but when I give and I do give money, clothes , food etc, I give with my heart with no expectation of any payback of any sort, You do you Mr Good News and I will continue with what I believe is right and good!! I do not need a reply or continued discussion with you! Have a wonderful blessed day!
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to joanie15
@joanie15. when Jesus died on the cross, there were strings attached - it was conditional in that we are supposed to do our part, repent and believe in him - ask your pastor what will happen if we do not.
why would you want money for free? why would you not be willing to help someone else in return for $50? It can be easy work. for instance, I have sorted donated clothing at a homeless organization. At the same place, I have helped cook breakfast.
Also the reason I did not accept as volunteering if you are volunteering for your church, is because it will be getting double credit. You mentioned that your church helped pay your bills. When you volunteered, they would have noted it and placed you at a higher priority to get financial help when they give out funds to help those in need.
If you feel people should get free money here on aidpage, as I asked Twistup, why not put your money where your mouth is, and give out $50 to needy people here?
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to hear my cry
@hear my cry God bless you for your encouragement. you mentioned that you are self conscious because of your teeth? Ask Schmidty here on aidpage for community dental centers near where you live. But frankly, if you have a good attitude, improve your job skills, work hard and are a caring person, it will overcome any problem of 'bad teeth'. I myself spent years in braces as a adult (and spent a lot of money), because I could not afford them as a teen. My bite has been corrected, but the problems of life remain the same - and are not solved by 'good teeth'.
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I will volunteer for 5 hours in exchange for $50 if the offer is still available... I'm desperate!
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hear my cry
Hi haven't heard from you in awhile hope all is well. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. Please don't let others discourage you from doing what your heart tells you to do. Not everyone will be on the same page as you, but that's ok, we are all different and most times that's a good thing. Keep your head up, your heart full and your strenght strong. God bless!
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joanie15   in reply to goodnewsforyou
goodnews...I am not abusing you nor would I ever ...I try to pull people up rather than step on them when they are down...I was just saying when you try to help someone strings should never be attached or just don"t do it...When Christ died on the cross for us did he say volunteer for 5 hours with all stipulations of who and where and then I will be nailed to a cross ? Absolutely what you need to but people that are in real need are worrying about feeding their kids. They can hardly help themselves and you suggest they go out and volunteer for 5 hours to get 50bucks paid to a bill..If your heart was in the right place you give and take the blessing from is not for you to worry what the person does with the money is that you gave ...That is what God sees...God Bless you Always...
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Twistup   in reply to goodnewsforyou
You are the one that needs to quietly go away and get the help you are so in need of.These kind of posts just show how sick you really are.
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to Twistup
be quiet, in Jesus Name! I command you to leave immediately, in the mighty name of Jesus.
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Twistup   in reply to goodnewsforyou
I showed my pastor all your posts and he was horrified by many of your statements.
An obviously disturbed individual, such as yourself ,has no place being on this page.
Please get the help you need.
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PavelP   in reply to goodnewsforyou
What happened? Why do you wish punishment upon these people?
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to joanie15
actually, *you* are the wolf in sheep's clothing. May God punish you and Twistup for abusing me on this site.
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joanie15   in reply to Twistup
thanks twistup but nothing he can say will ever penetrate the peace I have....I have great faith and this guy is a wolf in sheeps clothing it is so evident....stay strong in faith and the Lord and nothing will penetrate...thanks for the info though !!
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Twistup   in reply to joanie15
THANK YOU JOANIE15! If you read my posts, I have said the same things about goodnewsforyou.
Be prepared, since he is not going to like your a look at the responses Ive gotten to mine.
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jesuswins   in reply to joanie15
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joanie15   in reply to jesuswins
I am wonderful ...hope you are well too and thank you!
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jesuswins   in reply to joanie15 are you?....and agreed!!!!!
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to are so full of crap...if you really wanted to help people you give what ever it is you want to give no strings attached. you have so many dos and don'ts about volunteering it is utterly impossible for people who have nothing to get your little 50 dollars toward a bill no your really think 50dollars towards bills of poor people is going to help? I have been where alot of these people are and let me tell you something good news for you these people don't have food proper clothing and many times really keep your 50 bucks and do your own volunterring and pay your bill...have you paid one bill yet??? Have not seen it!!!...I don't know if this all makes you feel good but try spending a little more time helping and a lot less attaching strings. You give with your heart and you get the is not your concern what the recipient does or does not do with what you gave...get a grip mister
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to momoffourmunchkins
yes, please look at my earlier posts.
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hello, i saw some of ur posts... I volunteer at church and things like that, i was wondering if that 50.00 towards a bill, if something you are still doing please email me
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linda641   in reply to carma
got it
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