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goodnewsforyou started this conversation
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sandra35   in reply to annette910
Hi! annette910, Just read your message. Just to inform you that when People complain, it's probably because, they have live's that are not fulfilling. This site is to help People of ALL walks of life. We hope that everyone gets MUCH satisfaction being here. This site is designed to talk out our problems. It may seem to YOU, that some complain to much. But keep in mind, "Those that complain a lot, just needs help". Nothing wrong with that!! We just ask, "that anyone that makes comments to our family member's, please be respectful". We all have feelings. And Aidpage is a site designed to help the people in need. We encourage you to tell other's about Aidpage. This TRULY is the best site on the Internet. Merry Christmas!! Sandra35 "Hope to hear from you"!
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sandra35   in reply to samiam82
samiam82 Hi! I happen to come across your message to someone. As I read your message here I noticed you were telling someone to be "happy about the small amounts of money". Just wanted to inform you, that sometimes people don't really mean the way it's written. Some People want to express how grateful they are, but in turn, they don't correctly write into words the proper way. Anxiety will cause a person to not be able to express themselves well with words. I realize you meant well yourself, and you were not judging anyone. So this is way, I am informing you that the simple mistakes (of writing) can turn a sentence around and make it sound like, they do not care. Truly everyone here are great! we just are in need!! and we need help!!!! Thank YOU! and hope we see you often. Merry Christmas!! Sandra35
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annette910   in reply to samiam82
that is true but it seen you cant make some people happy andthey will complain
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you do make alot of important points, and I always find ways to help others.Half the time they have more then me. But god tells us to treat others as we would want to be treated. I am in need of help for the holidays but i would never get mad at someone cuz they wanted to give me a small amount. you take what u can get...beggers cant b no.
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to prettymom171
@mom171 thanks for your encouragement!
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Goodnews thanks for trying to help people... I know how hard it is to do. Seems people always expect more. God bless and kudos you sound like a good soul..
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strangerindireneed   in reply to annie46
Thank you for your prayers.
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strangerindireneed   in reply to annie46
Unfortunately, we've already recieved one, and it wasnt nearly enough to cover our expenses... We've checked every possible avenue through agencies... And finally came to the end of the road, which was taking out loans... Even my younger brother has a loan. So I'm not really sure what to do at this point...
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annie46   in reply to strangerindireneed
Hi strangerindireneed try
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annie46   in reply to strangerindireneed
I will definately pray have you concidered a grant for medical a grant you dont have to pay back? In CHRIST ANNIE
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strangerindireneed   in reply to joanie15
My family is struggling with so much debt, because my mother is ill and needed expermintal treatment to save her life... Unfortuately it wasnt covered. So we havent been able to pay our bills, and we've just been drowning.. My mom is a pastor, and our church fundraised, but it hasnt been nearly enough. We needs thousands to get ahead... I have two brothers that are struggling so much, and I"ve been working two jobs as well...

I dont know what you can do to help... But anything would be appreciated, even if all you can do is pray.
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joanie15   in reply to strangerindireneed
Hi, and I am sorry you are having some difficulties...what can I do to help you?
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strangerindireneed   in reply to joanie15
Can you possibly help me??? WE need help... my family is about to lose our home... I understand if you cant...
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strangerindireneed   in reply to Twistup
@Joanie15 and @twistup can either of you help me out??? My family could really use some support... We are going to lose our home...
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to strangerindireneed
@strangerindireneed, I stopped the offer because I got plenty of abuse for it; also no one actually followed through and volunteered. Sorry.

Some of the people who were angry like twistup and joanie15 have said they give money freely with no strings attached - perhaps you can ask them?
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Twistup   in reply to joanie15
Well said Joanie15!
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hear my cry   in reply to goodnewsforyou
ok, thanks I will ask him for advice. I am a hard worker, I've worked all my life from the age of 18, did volunteer work at a hospital as a candystriper, at nursing homes until I was old enough to bring home a paycheck. I grew up in the childrens home lived there for 7 years, my mom was always sick and there was no one to take 6 kids at the time. I love her, I didn't and don't blame her, Lord rest her soul, she tired to be there for us. I more or less raised myself, I never did drugs, drink very little, at parties in my early 20's, and can count my lovers on one hand. I'm in my 40's now. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I am a hard worker, I have a good attitude, I'm a happy, kind hearted, caring person. I'm not ugly on the eyes, but I can't get pass my smile. I wish I could. I would not have to hear my 7 year old neice say what's wrong with your teeth, or others think she wouldn't look bad if her teeth were straight. I pray daily for God to find someone who will see past the teeth and look at my heart. Sorry to cry on your shoulder. I was just touch that you even remembered that I even mention my teeth. Thank you for your concern. Have a bless day, even or night.
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joanie15   in reply to goodnewsforyou
Read the bible my boy...Jesus died on the cross that we may be strings or conditions my friend...and I am not always in need of help my friend, and am not looking to be at the top of anyone's priority list for cash donations ...and I try daily to walk in the Lord's path and I do fall short many times but when I give and I do give money, clothes , food etc, I give with my heart with no expectation of any payback of any sort, You do you Mr Good News and I will continue with what I believe is right and good!! I do not need a reply or continued discussion with you! Have a wonderful blessed day!
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to joanie15
@joanie15. when Jesus died on the cross, there were strings attached - it was conditional in that we are supposed to do our part, repent and believe in him - ask your pastor what will happen if we do not.
why would you want money for free? why would you not be willing to help someone else in return for $50? It can be easy work. for instance, I have sorted donated clothing at a homeless organization. At the same place, I have helped cook breakfast.
Also the reason I did not accept as volunteering if you are volunteering for your church, is because it will be getting double credit. You mentioned that your church helped pay your bills. When you volunteered, they would have noted it and placed you at a higher priority to get financial help when they give out funds to help those in need.
If you feel people should get free money here on aidpage, as I asked Twistup, why not put your money where your mouth is, and give out $50 to needy people here?
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to hear my cry
@hear my cry God bless you for your encouragement. you mentioned that you are self conscious because of your teeth? Ask Schmidty here on aidpage for community dental centers near where you live. But frankly, if you have a good attitude, improve your job skills, work hard and are a caring person, it will overcome any problem of 'bad teeth'. I myself spent years in braces as a adult (and spent a lot of money), because I could not afford them as a teen. My bite has been corrected, but the problems of life remain the same - and are not solved by 'good teeth'.
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